Caddihoe Weekend - 17/18 September

This year is a great opportunity for QOs to take part in several major competitions over a single weekend on our doorstep (just over an hour from Taunton).

This year’s Caddihoe Weekend, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September, is being held on Dartmoor’s Hay Tor and Hound Tor and incorporates the Southern Championships, the SOWA Long and MIddle Championships.

The terrain is classic Dartmoor - open moorland with tors, many rocky features and slopes. The vegetation is heather/bracken or moorland grass.

Early entry rates apply until 31st July before increasing - entries close on 4th September.

For further details see the Caddihoe event page on Devon Orienteering website.

If you have any questions or queries about entering and taking part in a larger event or competition then post your question below ​or email Phil at

A good number of us went down to Dartmoor for this excellently-organised weekend. 16 from QO took part in the long distance race on Saturday afternoon and most stayed on for the middle distance on Sunday which was controlled by Andy & Rosie.

I thought I’d had a poor run on Saturday, but it seems others had similar difficulty. My course had a nearly 2km long leg to the first control. I got there in 12 minutes but then spent 9 minutes searching for a shallow ditch in tall bracken! This was a theme for the first few controls, although I managed to find no 3 straight away. Things got a bit better after that as the controls were on more visible features, even though the bracken was still high, and I finished in a decent time.

Sunday went much better for me. I’m not sure why, maybe the features were more definite, maybe it being due to less bracken, but it just came together for me with fewer mistakes. I was being more careful to pace-count and tick off features on the route. A good middle distance course in a much smaller area.

It was a good fun weekend, as well as the orienteering Pete & I enjoyed a brief river swim (very cold!) and wild camping under the stars.

I am proud of my Caddihoe trophy, I will pick out some results and put these up later - its quite complicated as there were several concurrent competitions.

I have trawled through the results and here’s how everyone did (apologoes if I’ve missed anyone)

W55 Long: Vicky Fieldhouse 12th, Sheila Braine mispunched
W55 Short: Adele Appleby 2nd
M16A: Hamish Braine-Clarke mispunched
M21 Elite: Robin Fieldhouse 3rd, Luke Fieldhouse 7th
M45 Long: Pete Shirvington 6th, Philip Sorrell 7th
M50 Long: Richard Sansbury 3rd, Jeff Pakes 4th
M55 Long: Matthew Knipe 16th
M60 Long: Brian Pearson 5th
M65 Long: Simon St Leger-Harris 17th
M70 Long: Tony Hext 12th
M75 Short: John Trayler 4nd
M80: Roger Craddock 2nd
M85: Bill Vigar 1st (and Southern Champion!)

W55: Sheila Braine 7th, Adele Appleby 14th
M10: Sebastian Hemmings 4th
M16: Hamish Braine-Clarke 5th
M21: Robin Fieldhouse 4th, Luke Fieldhouse 5th
M45: Pete Shirvington 5th, Philip Sorrell 7th
M50: Richard Sansbury 1st, Jeff Pakes 2nd
M60: Brian Pearson 9th
M70: Tony Hext 16th
M80: Roger Craddock mispunched

Well done everyone!

Thanks Richard - you saved me a job! Write up coming soon (I am running behind).